Video Gallery

Rig Rundown - Uli Jon Roth
Review of the Tronical Tune: A Tuning Revolution
TronicalTune Multi-string Tutorial
Tronical Tune Live Open E to Drop C Promo
Tronical wins MIPA Award at Musikmesse 2014
Installing the Tronical Tune by Cooper Carter
Top producer Michael Wagener about Tronical
Every Time I Die shows off the Tronical Tune
Jeff Sahyoun of Letlive shows off the TronicalTune
The TronicalTune in the studio
Nate McFarland of Parachute shows off his Tronical Tune
Casey Crescenzo and his new Tronical Tune
89 Year old man and TronicalTune
Dan Ellis Lead guitar for Avril Lavigne plays with the Tronical Tune
Tronical at the American Country Awards
Kevin Allen's thoughts on the TronicalTune
LetLive. and the TronicalTune
Sam Pura of Panda Studios with the TronicalTune
TronicalTune tuning race with Xander and The Peace Pirates
Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister talks about TronicalTune
James (Se-Hwang) and his TronicalTune
Nick Cooper's thoughts on the Tronicaltune
Jeff Waters about his TronicalTune
First Time Use After Installing the TronicalTune
Overkill's lead guitarist Dave Linsk about his TronicalTune
Chas Sandford talks about TronicalTune
TronicalTune Demo showcasing three songs, three tunings, on one guitar
Jeff Pevar guitarist checks out the Tronicaltune.
TronicalTune Basic Tuning
TronicalTune Change Tuning
TronicalTune Single String Tuning
Moby talks about the Firebird X
The World’s first Robot Guitar – Factory escape
The World’s first Robot Guitar – Robot kills Strat
The World’s first Robot Guitar – Psycho
The World’s first Robot Guitar – Scream
Les Paul Standard 2010
Dusk Tiger
Dark Fire & Billy Morrison
Gibson Robot Guitar: An overview of the Gibson Robot Guitar
Robot Guitar
Gibson Robot Acoustic Guitar Prototype