The worlds first self-tuning beginners guitar

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One button - one tuning - one mission!


The worlds first beginners guitar that tunes itself in seconds - just push the button and strum the strings. Spend less time tuning and more time playing!

Push – Strum – Fun!

Innovative Technology

Push the Power button and strum of all the strings – Newcomer tunes now all of the strings for you- at once

Easy to use

The display shows which string is in tune and which string still has to be strummed

Fully Integrated

This intelligent auto tuner is fully integrated onto the guitars headstock

Accurate and fast tuning
Powerfull LiPo Battery
Intelligent polyphony
Easy to handle
The Tronical Newcomer Guitar – tunes itself in seconds – a solid guitar for the first notes that guarantees success

Printed string names simplify learning the guitar so you can have fun starting with the first note